About Us

The 4 idiots: George Tsai, Jonathan Liu, Gavin Ho, and Kenny Ho

We are no-budget film producers who thank everyone for their support, in letting us film at their houses, and clean out their refrigerators. We especially like to thank CBCSD for letting us use their facilities, and equipment. God rocks.

George Tsai 5th year of college at CSULB studying Electrical Engineering (but really only 3nd year). He recruited for the Marines Reserve and received a top rank in precision shooting within his company. Missed a year of school for a tour in Iraq. His hobbies include Airsofting, film producing, and playing the bass and drums. He spent at least a hundred times more money in his gas blowback gun than all of his clothes. George drives a chick magnet car. www.GTsai.com.

Jonathan Liu 3nd year of college at UCSD majoring in Electrical Engineering. Jonathan is an Ebayaholic. He does well in hard classes but lacks motivation to work in easy classes. He enjoys playing guitar and making people really confused because no one knows what Jonathan is talking about. This ill-tempered creature can bite.

Gavin Ho also known as the dark magician. He is a UCSD tudying mechanical engineering graduate.  He enjoys shooting his sniper rifle in his backyard and talking about Yu-Gi-Oh with young kids. His level of expertise in the girl department is equivalent to his knowledge of African Art from 1200BC to 400 BC. Credit card number: 6331 2347 3280 7259 exp: 02/09 oh and he's a maniac in DDR.

Kenneth Ho is a 4rd year college student at Calpoly San Luis Obispo. He is studying electrical engineering, and thus far hasn't failed any classes. He enjoys finding bargains on the internet. He has yet to turn up his 300 watt bass amp all the way. His pastime includes finding cheap things on the net, shooting his AEG, and playing the bass on volume notch 1.