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DVD Authoring


DVD is an excellent option for storage of your home movies.  The quality is the best available and longer life expectancy.  You will have your movie converted to a format of the future, unlike other transfer services that only transfer film to VHS, we offer the best solution, DVD.  

DVD (or Digital Video Disc) holds two hours of high quality digital video and better than CD
quality audio.  Your movie will be placed on DVD-R or DVD+R (additional cost)  which is
compatible with nearly all DVD players.  Movies placed on DVD, not DVD-R, would
cost thousands of dollars.  

For those of you interested in digital video here are the specifications.  Mpeg2 (NTSC)
720 X 480, 500 lines of 24 bit color, VBR (variable bit rate), 29.97 frames per second
(60 FPS Interlaced) Audio: PCM Stereo, 48 Khz


Length (Min)






Price (Per disc)





$30 + $15 every 10 min

$15 per addition copy (duplicate of original). Discount available for large quantity order.

 Combining more than one tape onto one disc: $30 per additional tape

We accept VHS, VHS-C, 8mm, HI-8, Digital 8, and Mini-DV media.


Chapter marks at 5 or 10 min intervals: Free

Custom chapter marks: $1 per chapter†

Chapter Selection Menu (additional to chapter cost): $2 per chapter

Email to request service:


Please check the compatibility of your DVD player at the following web sites. (Best source)


*Video quality degrades significantly.

†Chapter points must be provided in hh:mm:ss (hour:minute:seconds) format. Chapter marks may not be exact.