[2007.Sept.22] So our free services section is breaking off into a non-profit organization of it's own. We are looking for a webmaster that can create a template for us for the new web site as well as a CFO that can help with the finances. Any other help in starting this up would be greatly appriciated. Email us at contacts@fouridiots.com

[2007.Feb.23] Updated the Free Services Section. We have uploaded the ministry proposals and are looking for webmasters and volunteers to help with the ministry.

[2007.Jan.24] After some 250 GB our lastest wedding video is complete! Now we're continuing to work on the DVD for Bounty. Once that's done we aim to finish the clapboard project.

[2006.Aug.15] Bounty Premier! It is finally done! Sort of... Final DVD release available at end of September.

[2006.July.11] Productions are starting back up. Bounty is near completion and we will be recording the rest of we will stand within this next month!