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Film and Arts Ministry

Two draft proposale were written up some time ago and now we're making it public! The first document was written up a long time ago with a general idea of what the ministry is about. The second one written up not as long ago is has a more precise goal but still leaving most of what the ministry can do open ended.

1. ministryproposal1.doc

2. Film and Arts Ministry.doc

Please remember the proposals are still in early developments and will most likely be modified and improved as we slowly but surely build this up. So forgive all the grammatical and spelling errors. And our biggest goal is to KEEP IT FREE!

And to do so, we are currently looking for volunteers to help out strictly with this ministries website/database only (not the Four Idiots sections). Also looking for volunteers to help catalogue video files and such and organizing assets. If you're interested in helping please read the proposals above and contact us a