Current Projects

  • Project Comfort Zone
    Ben has lived under the protection of his parents all his life. Now that he's moved on to a college that his parents wanted him to go to, he sees the reality of the cruel world. Ben stumbles and falls in his life, right into a Christian fellowship.
    Genre: Drama
    Status: Postponed
  • We Will Stand - Updated: 2005.Mar.01
    Christian Music Video. 
    Status: Recording Music (only vocals left)
  • Project Intricate - Bounty - Updated: 2005.Apr.25
    TV Series
    Episode 2 – The Package: Lija is hired by Collins, her former employer, to retrieve a package he needs after being betrayed by Rinn. Seth comes looking for the person responsible for his brother’s death and finds himself in the middle of the syndicate war.
    Genre: Action, Betrayal
    Status: Post-production, Project Deadline: Aug. 15th, 2006