Mission Improbable 2 (2002)
A sequel to Mission Improbable, this story starts with Kenneth as the sole survivor of the explosion from the death pyramid. He was able to clone Gavin and Jonathan. With Pi-1000 is using his time machine to alter the past, Kenneth and his team must prevent Pi-1000 before it too late.


Operation Gap (2002)
Gap is an acronym for Girls Appreciation Planning. We produced a music video to a song by Backstreet Boys to show the boys of Chinese Bible Church's appreciation of the girls of CBC.


Done in 60 Billion Seconds (2000) 
This short film was filmed in 1 day. We tested our 3d Studio Max abilities; like the bullet ripple effect as seen in Matrix. This story is located in a game where Jonathan and Jordana battle each other until game over.


Mission Improbable (1999)
Our first feature length movie. This story is about a small group of allied forces who risk everything to defend earth. Emperor DeOcampo and his Death Pyramid are planning to conquer earth. The only threat to his menacing plan, is the Alliance.